1975  to 2016


Artist statement



As an avid student of humanistic psychology, I've always been fascinated by how the human mind works. How different people given the same information or emotional stimuli could come up with radically different interpretations of reality, so it’s no surprise my work would turn towards surrealism. The school of artistic belief that images from the sub-conscience are meaningful and can affect how we think and feel and project into our daily real-world life. The images can be and often are incongruous to representational or rational thought. My work, like the Rorschach ink blob test, is an attempt to create an image, as poetically as possible that different people will interpret differently, thereby revealing their own psychological demons. 


Essentially, stories are the heart of the human experience, be they written or visual. They are more than entertainment, for they form our inner realities and give richness to our lives. They are how we learn. How we perceive. How we deal with life problems. Before television or even books, storytellers would go from village to village, entertaining the inhabitants for money, his livelihood, the listener's enchantment. Music, humor, and tragedy. Without the richness that stories provide, either in image or words, our lives would be pretty empty.

Artistic influences were Turner (probably the beginning of abstract expressionism) Yves  Tanguy, Joan Miro, Paul Klee, Vassily Kandinsky, Paul Gauguin. Mark Rotho, and Jackson Pollock

All work is for sale. Use contact page for details. I would love to sell all my remaining pieces (about 20) to a collector, museum, or gallery