Novels in the Trenton Russell series

Step into the dreams of killers and hero's alike


as they clash in this twisted tale of greed, ambition, and blood. Detective John "Brick" Waters has retired from the San Francisco Police Department and opened a securities and investigation agency, for which he has a number of hi-powered clients. When his niece and secretary is found dead from an apparent drug overdose, he doesn't believe it. He believes she was murdered for information and calls upon Trenton Russell to prove it. Trenton soon finds leads that connect her back to a number of clients. A high-powered San Francisco corporate law firm. A Silicon Valley defense contractor working on a top-secret missile guidance system and a Yosemite Valley Indian casino working on a land deal to expand their franchises. He discovers that honor, like dreams, can sometimes be made only of smoke.

The death of an old flame leads Trenton to the most bazar character he's ever met. The Tomorrow man

A body washes ashore on the beaches of the quiet little coastal town of Bolinas California. When Trenton Russell learns she was an old flame he’d loved, he pulls out all stops in an effort to discover if she were murdered or if it was a boating accident. To compound the mystery, he learns she was not all the woman he remembered, a woman possibly involved in bank heists and connections to the tomorrow man. A Turkish casino owner who wants to overthrow a number of Mideast countries to start a new Muslim country of his own design. Is he a visionary or just another power mad megalomaniac willing to kill millions to get it?    


The old west comes alive in this modern day thriller

Trenton Russell was the CIA’s most professional, astute analyst with almost magical abilities to solve riddles. Then one day, one of his missions goes south because of his intel. Now, haunted and guilt ridden as a civilian, he is desperately  trying to reinvent himself as a respected  journalist. The only thing he finds solace in is playing high stakes blackjack. Counting cards evaporates the stress of two much conscience. Sometimes the cards speak to him, revealing insights into problems or mysteries he grappling with. When his best friends daughter in Las Vegas  is taken, a city already being terrorized by a serial killer, he tries once again to resurrect the magic. He soon discovers that all is not what it seems. That the killings are only part of a much bigger scheme to take over a number of casinos. When the daughter escapes her captor and flees to the safety of the Arizona mountains, the killer is right behind her. The chase ends in a tragic climax, but it’s not the end of the game. The cartels will stop at nothing to prevent Trenton from unraveling the web of lies and deceit surrounding the apparent kidnapping.

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