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Gerald Austin Boltz

Was born in Southern Missouri in 1940 but grew up in Kansas City Missouri. The only child of two hard working blue color parents. His pre teen years were spent mostly moving from town to town, state to state because his parents moved often looking for work after the great depression. He attended twelve different grade schools and three different high schools before settling in Grandview Missouri, a small town about 30 miles south of Kansas City. After graduating high school, he promptly joined the navy, and trained as an aircraft electronics technician. Duty stations included fighter squadron  VF-124 on Moffitt Field, California, Pearl Harbor, the USS Bennington, aircraft carrier and Midway island. While stationed on Midway, he was tagged by Naval Intelligence to be a courier, carrying top secret documents and equipment from islands across the near pacific.   


After four years in Naval Air, he returned to Kansas City and took a job in a small ad agency doing advertising layout, design and copywriting.  Evenings were spent doing gag cartoons for various magazines and trade journals. Publication credits include the Saturday Evening Post, Hustler and Men’s Action magazine. In 1965 he moved to San Francisco to attend The Academy of Art University, majoring in fine art and design. He won four consecutive scholarships for semester tuition in painting excellence.  After college, he exhibited widely around the bay area and was represented by a prestigious gallery on Union street. Gerald had several one man shows and was well on his way to becoming a prominent painter in the abstract expressionist movement, however, periodic starving held no appeal, so he joined the carpenters union local 22 in San Francisco specializing in finish work and cabinet making. He worked in Hollywood for a few years as a model maker and sculptor in a special effects studio. Although he's highly skilled as a construction artisan, Gerald considers his paintings to be the most "meaningful" work he's ever done. Poverty and time have derailed his ambitions to be an important painter, but he continues to show whenever possible and would welcome inquiries from collectors, agents or gallery owners, etc. Interested parties can view artwork here.


He began writing in 1985, articles on political commentary and the psychology of entrepreneurship.  Two non-fiction books published, The Art and Reality of Success and Gold Mining Paper. (on the business of buying/selling discounted notes) Several fictional books started but sat around collecting dust until 2006. Upon retiring from the real world, he decided to return to writing to keep creatively active and has completed three novels so far.  Real life experiences as a card counter in Nevada playing professional blackjack. It was an exciting heady time, wherein he met celebrities, got banned from Binion's Horseshoe casino, and slept with a well-known Hollywood actress. (No names) Although the books are fiction, they contain playing tips and strategies found nowhere else in "How to Play Blackjack" books. He likes to think, his genre is a blend of cozy mystery/thriller and spy. He lives in the Northern California delta aboard a 35ft Chris Craft Catalina and spends his time writing, playing chess and working on his boat.


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