Gerald Boltz

Author of the blackjack player series of mystery/thrillers

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Meet Trenton Russell

Trenton Russell was the CIA’s most professional, astute analyst with almost magical abilities to solve riddles. Then one day, one of his missions goes south because of his intel and a girl he loved is lost forever. Now, haunted and guilt ridden as a civilian, he is desperately  trying to reinvent himself as a investigative  journalist.  An enigmatic loner by nature, he nonetheless values close friends and will defy an army to protect them. The only thing he finds solace in is playing high stakes blackjack. Counting cards evaporates the stress of two much conscience. Sometimes the cards speak to him, revealing insights into mysteries that leave others shaking their heads.  The mental aberration is most acute when seeing flashing cards, colors or lights. His playground is casinos around the world, his passion is finding the hidden truth of relationships.

The most unique anti-hero on the written pages today

James Bond, Travis McGee and Jack Reacher.....move over

THE BLACKJACK PLAYER, although fiction is based on the authors real life experience as a card counter in the mid-eighties in Las Vegas, Reno, and Lake Tahoe. For over ten years, the author was passionately involved with the game, reading every book available and hundreds of hours “counting down a deck” on the kitchen table.

“Counting” cards simply refers to mentally keeping track of the ratio of high cards to low cards as they are being played. It has nothing to do with memorizing what cards have been dealt, although that is a secondary mental skill that is necessary, at least for certain cards. The fives and  aces....

The Trenton Russell Series