Gerald Boltz

Gerald Boltz

The old west comes alive in this  modern day thriller

Trenton Russell was the CIA’s most professional, astute analyst with almost magical abilities to solve riddles. Then, on a mission that still haunts his dreams, he loses the love of his life because of the CIA's refusal to listen to his intel. He quits the CIA to reinvent himself as an investigative journalist. But haunted and guilt ridden as a civilian, the only thing he finds solace in is playing high stakes blackjack. Counting cards evaporates the stress of too much conscience. Sometimes the cards speak to him, revealing insights into mysteries he grappling with. When his best friends daughter in Las Vegas  is kidnapped, a city already being terrorized by a serial killer, he tries once again to resurrect the magic. He soon discovers that all is not what it seems. 


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The most unique anti-hero on the written pages today

Gerald Boltz is a writer, cartoonist and political junkie living in the northern California delta. An exhibiting fine arts painter in another life time,  he has now turned his creative endeavors to writing and is the author of four novels in the blackjack player series of mystery/thrillers. Although the books are fiction, they are based on the authors real life experience of over ten years as a card counter in Las Vegas, Reno and Lake Tahoe  in the mid eighties. They contain strategies and playing tips found no where else in "How to Play" books.  

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